Illustrator – Puppets and Props

Connie Dunn, Illustrator (Puppets and Props)


Connie is a Puppet Maker and Fiber Artist. She makes wearable art in the form of scarves and embroidered appliques. She began making puppets while working as a Religious Educator to use as props for stories. She has continued making puppets to illustrate stories. She also has used collages and quilts, as well as simple felt characters on a felt background.

All of her puppets and props are completely handmade. She prides grHoney-no chairherself as having the ability to create puppets that look like the person they are representing, such as Grandma Honey and Destiny. Grandma Honey is the name that Destiny gave her when she first began to talk. Destiny is Grandma Honey’s granddaughter.

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