Book Summary

"Grandma Honey, I Turned into a Mermaid" is the third book in the Destiny Has Two Grandmas series.

This book is about the difference between the Make-Believe world and the Real world. This is a concept that young children have trouble discerning. Destiny wants to live in Make-Believe, so she can be with Grandma Honey. This is a sweet story of love, as well.

Destiny and Grandma Honey are real people. The author, Connie Dunn, is Grandma Honey. Destiny is her granddaughter. When Destiny first began to talk, she couldn't say Grandma Connie, so she said Grandma Honey. It stuck! Connie loves being Grandma Honey! Grandma Honey and Grandma Joyce live in Massachusetts. Destiny lives in Iowa.


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