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Grandma Honey, I turned into a Mermaid!" has such vivid illustrations and story line that it quickly invites readers of all ages to plug into their imaginations and join the fun. The use of puppets is the perfect vehicle for making this story come alive and open the creativity spigot.
-  Nancy Z.


Destiny and Grandma Honey transported me back decades! I was reminded of my grandmother’s power to could turn any disappointment into delight!  The story, with its life lessons around real and make-believe, puffs the imagination and also puts fantasy into perspective with the real world. The bigger-than-life puppet photos make the fantasy real and the real fanciful. The story is for children, but I warn you, parents and grandparents—Grandma Honey, I Turned into a Mermaid will enrapture you as well!
- Janet P.


This sweet adventure left me wishing I'd had a Grandma Honey to play pretend with when I was a little mermaid. As a mom, this is a nice reminder to me of how important pretend play is for children, and how we can support and nurture the rich gift of imagination.
-  Aoife B.

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